About Dr. Bergstrom

Dr. Brian BergstromDr. Brian Bergstrom is a Postural Bodywork Practitioner, Wellness Coach and chiropractor. His goal is to motivate, educate and inspire his clients to reclaim their optimal health.

Dr. Bergstrom brings an eclectic and broad array of talents, pursuits, skills and experience to his passion for his clients and bodywork practice. His first career was as a professional musician in Las Vegas playing trombone with the house band at the Desert Inn. He then began his studies in the Health and Wellness field and developed his craft as a successful body work practitioner, commuting between his practices in Los Angeles and Palm Desert. He expanded his expertise by becoming a Chiropractor in 2002, and has had a full-time practice here in the Valley since then.

He is also a skilled woodworker and cabinet maker, recently remodeling his kitchen in his own home shop. He is currently first trombone with the Coachella Valley Symphony, and he also plays regularly with several Big Bands here and in Los Angeles. He has played golf since the age of 9, and has taught golf, played golf, and been both puzzled and inspired by the game since then.

Dr. Bergstrom’s integration of postural analysis, deep tissue bodywork, movement education, nutrition and dialogue about your mind-body connection guides you to new options for health and vitality, both physically and emotionally.

 Dr. Bergstrom’s approach is like no other. All sessions are one hour in length and focus on you and your needs, not a one size fits all protocol of adjustments and ice packs. Dr. Bergstrom engages you in the process of exploring your posture, how you move, how you perceive your body and the food you eat, to guide a treatment plan that is unique to you and your health goals. Whether you are looking for pain reduction, treatment for an injury, a chronic muscle or joint condition, more positive body awareness, a more healthful and enjoyable diet, or a more finely tuned harmony between your physical and emotional states, Dr. Bergstrom will spend the time with you to help you identify and meet your goals.